New Projects

Not one for resolutions, I’m a little late to the game when I say that 2017 is the Year of Writing. Having survived another round of NaNo last November, I’ve immersed myself in the land of writing, which is thrilling and scary and intense and educational. What’s different about this year is that I’m not alone in this journey. As much as I love writing, I have been honest with myself about the fact that the act of writing in only a piece of the puzzle. It’s marketing and networking and being part of a critique group. Through my critique group, I’ve met a writer who has opened my eyes to the world of romance (and writing about sex) and whose rich characters are people I’d like to know in real life. She’ll be coming out with a book soon, so check out her website:

 Last week I met for coffee with one of my old writing buddies—someone who would meet me at the 24-hour coffee shop at any hour to hash out a scene and who does an amazing job at world building with his novel, Mister Mercury. Giando shared with me a new project he’s working on, a Write-O-Tron:

 As for me, I’m in the rewriting stage of a new novel, Sound Roots, about Becca Campbell, who realizes that her small-town roots aren’t all that bad after all and maybe, just maybe, a simple life is the good life.