Introvert Love Story

Roughly two years ago, my extroverted boyfriend (who can literally sell ice to an Eskimo) suggested I have a bigger presence in social media. I had many of the usual arguments: how can I be writing if I’m so busy on social media? I’m a writer, hence an introvert- people should like my books, not me. Social media is a downward spiral; I get on to post about writing on Facebook and three hours later I’m looking at cute dog photos and haven’t posted a single thing about writing. He keeps nudging and I keep resisting.

Then I noticed something. I really like quotes from writers. Especially if they have a cute dog in the background. So I set up an Instagram account. I can share with people the intersting things I run across in the course of my day related to writing and can take a break and get some inspiration when I have writer’s block. There are also loads of cute puppy photos.

So, please check out my Instagram:   or you can find me as uncagethewriter

Because that’s it, isn’t? Opening the zoo door and letting the wild animal that is my writing self free. It’s taking the restrictions off that I’ve placed on myself, the expectations from me and from society, and let my inner 8-year-old who declared she’d be a writer run free in the world. I figure that if I was brave and quirky enough to dress up as Poe for my 4th grade wax museum project, then I sure as hell better bring that same enthusiasm to my day and grit to ignore the naysayers.

Write for the love of it. Social media, because if you’re too damn shy or quiet or absorbed in how to kill off your next character to pay attention to the world around, because it’s just one more avenue to get your voice heard. It’s networking and marketing for the introvert, and a strange part of me loves that.