Breathe into the Transition

Writing has long been my passion, but I have been an avid yoga student since I was a teenager. Now a Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT), I still consider myself a lifelong student as I am constantly in awe of the world around me.

I write this after a day of snorkeling and soaking up the sun while on vacation in Hawaii. While snorkeling today, I was enchanted by the coral, urchins, giant turtles and myriad of fish. I saw creatures that have only existed in my imagination, the aquarium, or a beloved deck of cards from Long John Silver’s from when I was a kid (who knew Rainbow Fish were real?!). I spent hours leasurely exploring the reef and all it had to offer. Physically, I was weightless. Afterward, I felt such a sense of peace and belonging that I haven’t felt in a long while.

On a walk this evening, I was sharing my experience and realized that it was the same stillness I feel when I meditate regularly. Where all thoughts and feelings fall away and I simply am lost in the experience. I noticed the rainbow fish, Ther black one with the iridescent stripe and the school of bright yellow diamond shaped fish. But I didn’t think about them. I was the observer–for hours–and it was amazing.

As a writer, I often have a handful of stories weaving their way through my thoughts at any given moment. Plots and character arcs and titles and the correct use of its or it’s is forever orbiting like the stars in the sky, sometimes present, but often invisible. 

It’s nice to turn of the mind chatter, be it in life or in writing. Not only is it a break, but it’s so energizing to run on my default setting for a few hours. Some of the clutter has fallen away, but there is also some clarity–in life, and in my writing.