Don’t Count the Brushstrokes

After 6 weeks of shutting the door on my “writing room,” which had become more of a catch-all during our move into our new house, my boyfriend decided to take action. Waiting until I was gone for a full day, he took over and cleaned out all the clutter, unpacked my books, set up my writing desk and made sure all the pictures, medals and things that motivate me are properly displayed.
What a difference having a clean space makes! Before I’d sit down with every intention to write and would end up getting distracted by the disaster. Now it’s simply putting butt to seat and writing. Simple, but not easy. 

I picked up an old NaNoWriMo project and am determined to read it from start to finish. Without editing. I’m ignoring the fluidity with which I change tense, details and how I fail to tag dialogue (or tag every line). It’s extremely hard to focus on the overall story and not get caught up in the tiny details. Then I’ll go back to start and rewrite, refresh and smooth out the details. Like a life audit, it’s a good idea to figure out where you want to go and then look at the individual pieces to see if they’re going to get you to the desired end result.

Having a clean space to write is definitely on the list of things I need to be successful as a writer, as is the discipline to carve out the time to write. 

What about for our characters? What obstacles do they need to have removed in order to attain their end goal? How do they get there and how do they grow in the process?
It’s all about the journey, in writing and in life. Let’s enjoy it and look at the overall picture, instead of focusing on each little rise and fall in the road.