Be Fearless

This morning at the writing conference (if you’ve never gone to one–go!), I had the opportunity to attend a workshop called Fearless Writing presented by William Kenower. The conference has authors, editors and agents speak on all genres and areas on the craft and while I love the variety, I hate when I have to choose between two or more classes that sound amazing or between speakers that I already admire, etc.

This class is just what I needed. Among the 90 minutes of gems, the one that screamed the loudest in my head was: forget to be afraid. 

This was in relation to writing and sharing our work with others. I think it, like most aspects of writing, also applies to life. Write fearlessly. Share fearlessly. Dance fearlessly. You get the idea…

I only wish he was an afternoon speaker, as the workshop was so energetic and engaging that I can see it keeping my attention even after a lunch of carbs and coffee.