Keep Pushing, Always

I was talking with a woman in her late 50s yesterday about how she’s been in a job she hates for nearly forty years and feels stuck because of the pay and health benefits.  I’ve been thinking lately about this comfort trap. Financial security and health care and saving for retirement are all great things, but they don’t feed my soul. I’m scared of decades passing by and not having traveled or gotten published or enjoyed life because I was so caught up in paying off a house, saving for retirement, etc. I want to do what inspires me, every day. I want to go after my hopes and dreams and create the life I want. I’m optimistic (silly? crazy?) enough believe this can be achieved. I want time to enjoy sipping a cup of coffee, clean sheets and the ocean breeze every chance I get.  

I don’t want to get so caught up in the daily grind that I overlook miracles, big and small, or miss an opportunity out of fear of instability. 

The hardest lesson I can’t seem to learn from my yoga is to let go. Expectations of others, my beliefs of where I should be in life, my fear, ego, and a myriad of other barriers. So, I’m letting go of my need ton control this journey. I’m going to write, every day. More than a grocery list. I invite you to do the same- to go after your dream, whatever it may be.